Mission and Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy2019-10-24T09:06:54+01:00


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What is ISJ?2019-02-05T22:03:26+01:00

International School Junglinster is a state educational entity comprising of Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School. It is housed in and makes part of Lënster Lycée in Junglinster, Luxembourg. ISJ opened its doors in September 2018.

What educational system does ISJ follow?2019-02-04T00:23:35+01:00

Although part of the Luxembourgish governmental educational offer, ISJ follows the European School structure, syllabi and curriculum in general. ISJ is an Accredited European School and aims at leading its students towards the European Baccalaureate (EB) Diploma.

What are the schooling cycles offered in the International School Junglinster?2019-02-04T00:24:35+01:00

Kindergarten – 2 years, age 4-6 years
Primary – 5 years (p1 – p5), age 6-11 years
Secondary – 7 years (s1- s7), age 11/12-18/19 years
The above age-groups, are given as standard minimums. For a variety of schooling reasons, it is not unusual that some pupils be a full year older than mentioned above

How many Linguistic Sections does ISJ have?2019-02-04T00:25:38+01:00

Two language sections: the Anglophone and the Germanophone.

What is a linguistic section?2019-02-05T22:02:29+01:00

Linguistic Sections are defined by the dominant language used for the education of the students in that section, e.g. in the Anglophone section pupils study in English as their main language. This is the language they use for most subjects, therefore the language of the section (English or German) should be at mother tongue level or equivalent, for a pupil to be able to join the section.
Language 2 and language 3 are separate subjects, and gain ever greater importance, as pupils progress upwards in the Secondary School. Students joining the first year of the Secondary school should have a reasonable level of language 2, equivalent to several years of exposure to the language – A2 level is desired. As from year 3 in the Secondary, the Human Science subjects are taught in L2 (first foreign language). Language 3 starts to be taught as a beginner’s language in the first year of the Secondary school.

What criteria should pupils fulfill to enter one of the two sections of ISJ?2019-02-04T00:26:50+01:00

Pupils should have completed the equivalent previous education to the year they are applying for; be of the right age group and, depending on the section chosen, have English or German as their dominant language of education and/or family environment.

Which classes will ISJ offer in the school year 2019-2020?2019-02-05T22:04:00+01:00

Anglophone Section • Germanophone Section
Kindergarten • Kindergarten
Primary p1-p5 • Primary p1-p5
Secondary s1-s3 • Secondary s1-s3

At what age do pupils start different levels of ISJ?2019-02-04T00:27:53+01:00

ISJ follows a system of equivalence with different educational systems from Luxembourg, Europe and worldwide. For a pupil coming from the Luxembourgish primary system, she/he should have completed the 6th year of the Primary, level 4.2, before being able to join the s1 in the Secondary school.

What are the school times at ISJ?2019-02-05T22:04:42+01:00

Like for the students of Lënster Lycée, the school day at ISJ starts at 8am and ends at 4pm. Friday is a short day, ending at 11.35 hrs.

Are there activities the students can be enrolled to after 4 pm?2019-02-04T00:28:51+01:00

Such activities are open to all students of Lënster Lycée and ISJ. They start after school, from Monday to Thursday, and last until 18.30 hrs. A list of such activities organized in the current year can be found in the school site, under Extracurricular Supervision.

Do students study Luxembourgish at school?2019-02-04T00:29:31+01:00

There is an obligatory 2 period/week of Luxembourgish lessons for all pupils in the Primary and Secondary. Besides, students of International School mix with and share the same scholastic environment with Lënster Lycée students, which augments their exposure to the language of the country.

What is the procedure for enrollment in the ISJ?2019-02-05T22:05:22+01:00

An enrolment form can be found on the school site, following this LINK. Interested parents should complete the document, attach the required documentation and send it by postal mail or in person to the school secretariat. An update of the latest educational qualification should be done no later than end of June of the current school year.

International School Junglinster educational offer for the school year 2019-20202019-02-04T00:31:07+01:00

ISJ will offer the European School curriculum, to which it is an Accredited School, in the following cycles:

Kindergarten – in the Anglophone and Germanophone sections. Age groups: 4 – 6 years old.
Primary Cycle – in the Anglophone and Germanophone sections, full cycle years p1 – p5. Age groups: 6 – 11 years old.
Secondary Cycle – in the Anglophone and Germanophone sections. The first three years of the Secondary cycle, s1 – s3. Age groups: 11 – 14 years old.

Is there a school canteen at ISJ?2019-02-05T22:08:34+01:00

Lënster Lycée and the International School Junglinster have a well-equipped student restaurant and cafeteria.  The details of this service can be found here.

Is there school transport available. If so, from which areas and how much does it cost?2019-02-05T22:10:30+01:00

Lënster Lycée and the International School Junglinster are served by an extensive network of free school transport, the details of which are available here.