Interregio DeLux Sportfest 2022

Interregional sports event

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Recontre littéraire

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Retrospective: Art competition

Retrospective: Art competition

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Anne Frank - aus unserer Reihe „Große Europäer*innen“

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Interview with Mme Bouchon

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Diplôme - Métiers aéronautiques et spatiaux

Bass de interesséiert un Aeronautic, flotte Visitten, spannenden Inhalter a schlussendlech un engem "Diplôme d‘initiation aux métiers aéronautiques et spatiaux" ... da mell dech elo un (ab 4e/S4).

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Exposition : On Water - sur l'eau!

"L’exposition On water – sur l’eau de la Banque européenne d’investissement montre des photographies extraordinaires par Yann Arthus-Bertrand et Philippe Bourseiller."

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EPAS: Transnational Junior Exchanges

EPAS: Transnational Junior Exchanges

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Deutsch Cocktails

Sprachunterricht mal anders

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Street Art Festival

Come and visit us on Sunday, September 19th for the Street Art Festival and the LLIS! Discover workshop events such as Skateboard, Capoeira, BMX, HipHop, Krav Maga and much more from 2pm to 6pm.

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Jazz Festival

De LLIS luet de Samschden, 18. September an op een Jazz-Owend mat de bekannte lëtzebuerger Jazz Ensemblen: Trio Parsons/Klein/Payfert, Trio Reis/Demuth/Wiltgen an dem André Mergenthaler ab 18h30. Kommt laanscht a genéisst e puer flott Sto

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EPAS Actions 2020-2021@LLIS

A total of 21 actions took place throughout the school year as part of the "European Parliament Ambassador School Programme", which are summarised in this brochure.

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Corona Monologues

Because the Lënster Lycée International School Theatre Project couldn‘t stage a play because of COVID-19, the students worked on a Film Project

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Remise des diplômes - Part II

Feierlech goufen d'Diplomer iwwereescht

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Michel Majerus - Next Step

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Remise des diplômes 2021

Diplomiwwereeschung 1ère ESC/ESG

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Stop Mobbing!

Stop Mobbing campagne by the Students of the LLIS

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P3 in Echternach

fun times

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Boîtes à lecture

Boîtes à lecture

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The future is SMART

DT Smart technologies with the specialization "Smart energy" in LLIS. Vocational training with a future!

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Projet vun eiser 3C an 3GPS

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EPAS: Debatte zu Tierwohl

EPAS: Debatte zu Tierwohl

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Excursion au Marienthal

Excursion au Marienthal

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Journalismus-Workshop mit

Journalismus-Workshop mit

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Donation to United for Hope

Donation to United for Hope

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Politisch engagiert ! ZpB Gewinner 2021

Politisch engagiert ! ZpB Gewinner 2021

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CanSat Competition

On Saturday, 12th June, ESERO (the European Space Education Resource Office) organized the award ceremony of the CanSat competition. We are proud to announce that our team the Lënster Observer achieved a respectable 2nd place.

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Drone Competition

Drone Competition

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Poetry Slam: Projekt Lautsprecher

Poetry Slam: Projekt Lautsprecher

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Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

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Lënsterratus: Das lesende Klassenzimmer

Lënsterratus: Das lesende Klassenzimmer

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Europe Day 2021

Our LLIS students were able to discuss issues of vaccination strategies in Europe, youth unemployment and entry into the world of work, sustainability and more with the invited guests.

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DIMAS - Diploma ceremony

The DIMAS (DIPLÔME D’INITIATION AUX MÉTIERS AÉRONAUTIQUES ET SPATIAUX) is a great project in which the students get an insight into aviation.

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EPAS: Drawing for Europa

Paris (Goethe-Institut), Berlin (Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs), London (Institut français), ... and now ... Junglinster!

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Culturissimo – Cultural rally at MUDAM

The students of 6P2 had the great fortune to visit the contemporary art museum in Luxembourg this week.

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Lënster Explorers CanSat

The last successful test has been made with the our CanSat (The Lënster Observer 3). The self-made Yagi antenna and our CanSat stayed in contact in a distance for more then 800m .

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Comic Contest

Our student Caroline Marsh has come up with a very special event for you and is offering a comic book contest to the school community.

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KG FR students celebrated World Book Day on 23 April 2021.

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Lënsterratus - Manga Workshop

To the colours with Sabrina Kaufmann! On the occasion of Book and Copyright Day, Sabrina Kaufmann presented her manga books published in Luxembourg and her artistic projects with the University of Luxembourg.

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The new delivery of books has arrived. Come and discover your favourite TV series in three languages at the library.

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Culturissimo - Kulturrallye

SCRIPT, in collaboration with Les Rotondes, launches the 11th edition of KULTURRALLYE.

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Reading to touch!

With great attention to detail, our S1-DE-3 pupils presented books for which they had prepared a reading box with objects.

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Relais pour la vie

On the move against cancer! On 27 March 2021, the four classes S4-DE-1, S1-DE-3, S2-FR-1

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The LLIS wants you!

The LLIS wants you! We are recruiting: Teachers (f/m) for our european secondary classes

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School project / Lënster Lycée

Sustainability is a top priority at the "Lënster Lycée". For the past four years, two environmental delegates in each class have been responsible for separating waste, protecting the environment and using resources sparingly

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The Lënsterratus team shares with you the great favourites of the spring literary season.

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Cuisine moléculaire

Les élèves de S1-fr-1 et de S1-fr-2 font de la cuisine moléculaire : ils savent maintenant préparer du caviar de grenadine, pêche et menthe !

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Lesekiste: Shutdown

n der deutschen Sektion S1 informierte ein wissenschaftlich interessierter Schüler mit seiner Lesekiste zum Sachbuch "Shutdown" seine Mitschüler über die Hintergründe der aktuellen Pandemie.

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Lënster - Drone Challenge

Sign up for the 1st Lënster Drone Challenge. Bild your own drone & compete with other teams

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Anne Frank Diary

On the occasion of the commemoration week for the Holocaust victims of the Second World War, a staged reading from the "Diary of Anne Frank" followed by a discussion took place in our library on Friday. The freelance artist from Luxembourg,

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Franco-German friendship.

Today, January 22nd, we celebrate the day of Franco-German friendship. This day is a lever for a better knowledge of the partner countries.

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Lënster Europa-Radio

Do you already know "Lënster Europa-Radio", our web radio by pupils for pupils? Not yet? Then listen in!

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And the winner is...

The LLIS Student Committee would like to congratulate the winners of this year's Christmas competition. The most beautiful angels were made by the “Accueil” class

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4th of Advent

For the 4th of Advent, the pupils of S1-DE-2 invite you to a musical short story. There were no

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LLIS - Mistletoe

S3 students learned how to make and compose songs in different styles in the GarageBand application on their IPads during the music class. Emilie Glorvigen from the S3-EN2 class chose to make a cover of the song "Mistletoe" by Justin Bieber.

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LLIS « Let it snow »

The students of the 7P classes are proud to present you the song "Let it snow", which they play on their own, using different instruments.

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Students' Committee 2020-2022

The new LLIS Students’ Committee 2020-2022 with it’s coaches.

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Sustainability in the LLIS

Like every year our 7th students got their reusable inox bottle. In the past, we have been able to reduce plastic consumption by a whopping 20%. This year they were distributed with the new LLIS logo.

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LLIS recipes

The pupils of the class S2 L3 created a cookbook in Sway.

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LLIS « Jingle Bells »

The music department of the LLIS invites you, together with the students, on a musical journey through the Advent season.

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Short stories competition for the Advent season

To get us all in the right mood for the Advent season, we still need some nice Christmas stories. The competition is accompanied by a special task: 10 words that we give you must have been processed in your story.

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Sciences in 6G

Pupils in class 6G2 build their model simulating ventilation to better understand human breathing.

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The Science Club - Digital Activities

The Science Club Team from the Lënster Lycée currently offers only digital activities on MS Teams. But we have done our best to present interesting topics again

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Conférence de Paix

Today we had the great honour to welcome Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish for a peace conference at the LLIS. The five-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and internationally recognized human rights and inspirational peace activist,often referred to

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Joss den Hellen en scène au LLIS!

Joss den Hellen en scène au LLIS! Nous, les élèves de 5P, avons accueilli aujourd'hui à la bibliothèque Lënsterratus le comédien David Moutinho, pratiquant depuis quelques années au Luxembourg le stand-up comique. Avant de nous proposer de participer

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Respiratory system in science

Class 6G2 learns about the respiratory system in science: They do experiments on a pig's lung and observe human lung under a microscope.

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Sciences intégrées ( Classe S2 Fr1)

The pupils of class S2fr1 put themselves in the shoes of doctors without galactic frontiers and invite you to discover their models of the solar system which are exhibited in the library.

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Cross Triathlon @LLIS

Lënster Lycée International School Cross Triathlon - den 26. September ab 9h30 déi éischt Départen. Aschreiwungen iwwer

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Welcome back to a new school year at LLIS

The classrooms are full, corridors are noisy and the summer vacation is a distant memory... We wouldn't have it any other way! Welcome back to the LLIS, 2020/21 is going to be a blast!

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Welcome new Septièmes / S1!

The Lënster Lycée welcomes its first year high-school students (septièmes - S1) and wishes each of them all the best at the start of an exciting new journey! #llis #rentree

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One 2 one iPad learning

One 2 one iPad learning : At the start of their high-school career, LLIS students are entrusted with their own device - and its set of ground rules!

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