Definition DJ? What are his tasks? What is a setup? How do you design your own mix tape and how do you make the audience dance? Goals: - Learning the different techniques (e.g. scratching) as well as the use of the working material (e.g. mixer, etc.) - Create your own mix tape in collaboration with a renowned DJ from Luxembourg. - Hang up at the school party and get the people in party mood. DJ = Disc Jockey is a term used to describe a person who plays music stored on audio carriers in an individual selection in front of an audience, for which the term "DJing" is generally used. The tasks of a DJ are manifold and vary considerably depending on the music genre and the job. Students do not need to be able to play a musical instrument or have musical knowledge. It is mainly about concentrating on the 3 fixed goals. This support enables the students to promote acoustics, to get to know the different BPM's of the songs and to have fun. Self-esteem is also enhanced by playing in front of an audience.