United for Hope

Since 2018-2019, the project "United for Hope" has been involved in Cameroon in Akono, a small town about an hour south of the capital Yaoundé.

In February 2020, 3 teachers together with 10 students from LLIS visited Cameroon and were able to establish a cooperation with the "Collège Stoll", a partly Francophone, partly Anglophone school with about 500 students.

First and foremost, we are helping them to modernise their infrastructure; neither the school nor the people living on or off campus have running water, for example. But even the most basic school materials are needed. We are also involved in a sustainability project, where the students learn to adopt more democratic values and pay more attention to their environment. This year, for example, a student committee will be elected for the first time at Collège Stoll, on the initiative of our students who were in Cameroon last year.

Further information can be found on the website www.unitedforhope.lu

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