Anne Frank Diary


Staged reading "Anne Frank Diary" with Fabienne Elaine Hollwege

On the occasion of the commemoration week for the Holocaust victims of  

the Second World War, a staged reading from the "Diary of Anne Frank"  

followed by a discussion took place in our library on Friday. The  

freelance artist from Luxembourg, Fabienne Elaine Hollwege,  

impressively recited relevant passages from the diary and confronted  

our students with the worries and hardships of the young girl. How can  

you experience puberty and normality when you spend years locked up in  

a confined space with other people, how do you deal with the permanent  

fear of being discovered and deported?

Afterwards, students had the opportunity to learn about the life of  

Anne Frank as well as about the Shoah and the collective guilt of the  

European countries of that time. In this lively discussion, we all  

became aware of how human rights are suddenly again in the slipstream  

due to the Corona pandemic and are again violated by the resulting  

turbulence and conspiracy theories.

"Test everything, believe little, think for yourself", with this  

inspiring quote by Albrecht Müller we defined the concept of  

democracy, analysed the influence of massive propaganda and the  

effective political-media manipulation.

We would like to thank the German Embassy in Luxembourg and the ZpB  

Luxembourg for making this special meeting with Ms Hollwege possible.