Franco-German friendship.


Franco-German friendship

Today, January 22nd, we celebrate the day of Franco-German friendship.

This day is a lever for a better knowledge of the partner countries. It is an opportunity to present Franco-German relations and to inform students and their families about exchange programmes (Schuman Programme for example) and meetings organised in the Greater Region, as well as study and employment opportunities in the two neighbouring countries. It should also help to promote the language of Luxembourg's two partner countries within the Grand Duchy.

The symbolic date of 22 January was chosen in 2003 on the 40th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty. Signed on 22 January 1963, the Elysée Treaty was intended to anchor Franco-German reconciliation in society, in particular through culture and youth exchanges.

We would like to thank the pupils of the european classes for their contributions, two of which have been selected to mark the event: Emma from S1DE2 and Martina from S1EN1.