Student Exchange 2023 Luxembourg-Wisconsin USA


At the beginning of the week, we received a delegation from the Viterbo University in the state of Wisconsin. On the same occasion, we had the great honour to welcome the US ambassador, Mr Thomas Barrett ( U.S. Embassy Luxembourg ) who has been staying and working in Luxembourg since the beginning of the year.

His Excellency was for many years the Mayor of the City of Milwaukee and was very pleased to meet the delegates of the University of Viterbo during the presentation of the Study opportunities.

During his visit to the school, the ambassador was introduced to the students who won the CanSat 2022 honorary award and discussed the Aerospace program which we are building up.

It was in the library that the student committee, the S5EN2 exchange class and the S1FR1-FR2 received His Excellency and the delegation. They were invited to ask the US ambassador some questions about Wisconsin and being an Ambassador and Mayor.

The S1's also gave a short presentation of the project "The Solidarity Tree", a tree where all the poems written by the students in several languages on the theme of solidarity were hung.

His Excellency was very impressed by the welcome prepared by our students, by their commitment and the high degree of their language learning. For the ambassador, Luxembourg is an exemplary model of diversity and integration.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our teacher, Mr Marc Zimer, for his permanent and determined involvement to maintaining professional and friendly relations between Luxembourg and the United States. He is a sure and unbreakable connection for the growing relationship and exchange between the two countries.

We are looking forward to the next stage of this beautiful American adventure when our S5EN2 class will receive young Americans on exchange in June next year and will themselves go to La Crosse in Wisconsin for the summer holidays.