Short stories competition for the Advent season


The winners of the Christmas story writing competition were awarded this morning by our librarian Sandro Muser and the group Lënsterratus.

Here are our winners this year:

Isak Pereira from the primary class of P5EN2

Zora Krstic from primary class P5EN2

Rita Ribarits from primary class P5DE1

Timo Banszek from class P5DE1

Romy Bergmans from primary class P5DE1

Chloé Molveaux from class S1FR1

Oskaras Kasteckas S3EN1

Anastasia Karuk from class ACCU-1

Luka Panteleev from class ACC-U3.1

Sofa Pavlichenko from the class ACC-U3.1

Team prize: S4 L2 FRA (DE1 & DE2)

We wish you a happy Christmas and New Year!

Short stories competition for the Advent season

Christmas 2022

To get us all in the right mood for the Advent season, we still need some nice Christmas stories from our students.

The competition is accompanied by a special task: 10 words that we give you must have been processed in your story.

Here is the list of selected words:

the star

the snowflakes

the fireplace

the gingerbread

the tale

the nutcracker

the fir tree

the sleigh

the Christmas baubles

the bells

Please send us your text by 16 December 2022 to lë

We look forward to your entry and the most beautiful short story will be rewarded with a gift voucher.

Your Library and Lënsterratus wishes you a wonderful Advent season.